New Beginnings

I have always wanted to share my stories and experiences and often times I end up telling them to myself. Eventually, the inevitable happens; the stories die a natural death.

There comes a time in everyman’s life when you’ve got to stand up and say “hey, enough is enough” and that is what this blog is going to be about, this is me saying “enough is enough”. I have been silent long enough, I have been shushed long enough, it is time the world heard my voice- no matter how hoarse it is. I am making a fresh start, I am stepping out of the comfort zone.

Join me to celebrate the birth of a phoenix, rising out of the ashes of timidity, join me as we make a toast to new beginnings. Join me, as we step into the sunshine…together



​IS DEMOCRACY BEING PRACISED RIGHT IN NIGERIA?                          Dr. Dada Oluwafemi Ebunoluwa

We know it is totally crac(z)y, but it’s not democracy.

The topic is wildly speculative, as, posing the question as in the topic “Is democracy being practiced right in Nigeria?” already lays a faulty premise that what is being practiced is democracy. Obviously, it is not.

As I said, we know it’s “crac(z)y”, but it’s not democracy.

Nigeria, in my educated opinion, practices a horrendous concoction of “crazies”; Argentocracy (the rule of paramount influence of money), Arithmocracy (government in which power is vested on the simply numerical majority), Barbarocracy (barbarians), Diabolocracy (you know), Kleptocracy, Moneyocracy and Plutocracy. We wallow in the deplorable quagmire of political doltishness and the few educated masses would rather argue on whose Jollof rice is better than reflect.

According to the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs, democracy is “government by the people in which the supreme power is vested on the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system”. Abraham Lincoln’s phrasal definition is simpler; “of the people by the people, for the people”.

Freedom and democracy, though not synonyms, are often used interchangeably, but that unfortunately, is not the case in a particular country whose capital is Abuja. 

Of all the existing eight elements of democracy (personal freedom, political freedom, political equality, rule of law, common good, human dignity, being informed and getting involved and respect), we do follow about, umm,… zero.

January 21, 2004, at Hilla University for Humanistic studies, Iraq, it was taught that in democracy, people are sovereign- they are the highest form of political authority, and are free to criticize their elected leaders and representatives, and to observe how they conduct the business of government. Now, that might be true somewhere else. In “Naija”, the giant of Africa,, where Maurice Iwu (according to Atiku Abubakar, (, February 6, 2005)) declared Umar Musa Yar’Adua winner of presidential election with results of 13 states out of a 36, where $20 million fuel money evaporated before we finish pronouncing “Olodumare”, money, as in Kudi, Owo, Ego is Sovereign. Money will either buy you to shut up, or else buy those to shut you up!

Many years ago in Iran, an hardworking mother of four, Soraya M., was by her own husband falsely accused of adultery, and even though innocent, was stoned to death, all these so he can go ahead and marry a 9 year old girl he desired, without having to pay a dime for divorce. This story strikes a figurative resemblance with what happens in our country on a daily basis, betraying the foundational democracy mantra; “protection of human dignity and enforcement of rule of law”.

How many times has people perished for religious beliefs in a country with freedom of religion and race, have people been molested and sexually assaulted in a sovereign state with freedom of movement and expression, unjust arrest and torture for criticizing big guns” despite freedom of speech?

The term “DEMOCRACY” can only be correct if it connotes “DEMO-nstration of CRAZY-ness”, or how else can you justify an unwarranted detainment of citizens (who are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty) which is clearly against the rule of law? Or the perpetration of financial pilfering and abstraction on a daily basis regardless of the law which states that “office holders cannot use their power to enrich themselves… independent courts and commissions MUST punish corruption, no matter WHO is guilty (emphasis mine)?

One cannot agree more with the Deputy leader of the Senate, Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah, who said “Our democracy was founded on a faulty structure (Vanguard newspaper, 9th June, 2017). 

Nevertheless, I am not a pessimist. As Noam Chomsky rightly said,

“If you assume that there’s no hope,

Then you guarantee that there will be no hope.

If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom,

That there are opportunities to change things,

Then there is a possibility that you can contribute to making a better world.”

I love Nigeria, I believe in my country, but for democracy to work, we need to revisit the drawing board, both the leadership and followership, imbibe the four cardinal virtues and see the buoyancy of our country’s democracy as a personal responsibility, doing all these while singing from the evergreen lines of Lillian Jean Williams;

“Nigeria we hail thee,

our own dear native land,

though tribe and tongue may differ,

in brotherhood we stand,

Nigerians all, and proud to serve,

Our sovereign motherland.

 Dada Oluwafemi is a doctor of veterinary medicine, a lover of literature, and a staunch patriot of Nigeria.

Twitter: @heirfemi

Fatty (t)issues

The world has turned upside down. There was a time in the history of Africa when ‘plumpy’ was almost synonymous with beauty, unfortunately, the good old days are long gone and everyone seems to have embraced ‘copy-cat-titude’. 

 I am not an advocate for the obese and neither am I campaigning for an unhealthy lifestyle but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being bountiful and bounteous. I was checking out some wedding pictures recently and I noticed how almost all the ladies looked skinny and sickly. Those who managed to look healthy were tucking in their tummy so much that their chest heaved like one who just finished a marathon. What’s wrong with you all? 

While some people have very good genes and can never be fat, like the Fulani’s (who has ever seen a fat Fulani man?), some are addicted to slimming shakes and pills. I know a young girl who takes overdose of laxatives every night so she could crap the essence of her being before dawn. (Now that’s a big dose of crazy.)  She is just an example of the many girls who are not comfortable in their own skins, finding ways of trimming the edges at all costs. Slimming pills (manufactured under bridges) have a huge demand and those who cannot to afford these diet (death) pills usually take the next option; they stop eating!  Having ulcer is the new rave. You want to be a chic in Nigeria? Bleach your skin (story for another day), be anorexic and have ulcer!  

I was sitting with this lady in the bus and her hip bone almost made a dent in my flesh! I told her to adjust and the anorexic palooka had the effrontery to lecture me on the benefits of being a bag of bones. (I put her straight).  If you pick ten girls at random, you will be shocked to discover only one has good genes, four are products of drugs and five are the aftermaths of poverty ( give them money and  you will see how wrinkled skin can breathe.

 While it is not good to be overweight, having adequate skin to cover the bones should not be seen as absurd and irresponsible measures should not be taken for the sake of meeting American standards of beauty.

Martins Ogundare’s open letter to the acting President


My  Fellow Nigerians, My name is Martins Ogundare. Due to previous events, We live in times we suffer and smile, We live in times of uncertainty, leaving us more questions than answers . Directing these questions and Answers to the Acting President . Prof. Yemi  Osinbanjo  and every Nigerian who comes in contact with this write up.

   Mr  President, There are times when we make history and there are times when history makes us . This is a crucial moment for this nation and Nigeria’s colour burns dimmest.  We may meet challenges head on and for far too long, The Wealthiest few have only seen their fortunes grow in multiples, while the  rest of the nation lies in worry. It  may  not interest you because you’ve always known that no single sector of basic need, runs successfully completely in this Country and they are ranging from Bad power supply, No affordable housing, High rate of unemployment , Bad Judiciary system, Ineffective health care, not to mention Poor Military Standards to the beautiful souls we send out  to our shores to die without Honour, Police brutality has always been the order of the day  and this is handled differently in our country! These issues can’t be swept under the rug and we all hope it goes away; these  issues have been hunting us for a very long time now . so they aren’t news to the Nigerian people and regrettably the Nigerian Government . But the question is, How do we pay for it?

I have  a difficult time accepting that the only way to bring a country  together  is by taking military actions against some particular set of harmless citizens clamouring for secession  and also adhering  to  some planned government  scheme  by some ministerial  cabals with links to the Senate president of pancakes in conjunction with Legislooters  and criminals creating laws to fight crime. Sounds Very Ironical but that’s the truth.

        These cabals believe in only one course of action and that’s action. Mr President when a snake is in your kitchen you don’t invite it over for dinner, you cut of it’s head and just as we are on our knees as a crumbling economy , these cabals are unrepentantly ready to step on our throats.  Mr president it’s not their Job to stop looting and destroying our nation’s  treasure, it’s our Job, Your Job to stop them.  You might be scared, we’ve all been scared too! We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of  you all political manifestoes  of lies and until the Nigerian people wake up to that fact with the mental consciousness that these political parties are the same drivers of a faulty Vehicle which is the system in play since we gained independence…we can keep changing the drivers, it doesn’t affect the Vehicle to work properly ….Definitely we need to address the System before  getting  the good drivers. We’ve been seeing same drivers  since 1966….Audu Ogbeh who is currently the minister for Agriculture, Jerry Gana, T.Y Danjuma, Obasanjo,IBB  and so many more and the second question is when will the future come for my  Generation,Our Generation..The Youth.

Mr President, You may not know about me because I’m an average Nigerian with no influential status at  the moment but what you should know is that I’m about as straight a shooter as you’re going to find in Washington D.C, With all due respect Sir, I would oblige your undivided attention.

 Your words have been very thoughtful these days and it has somehow  helped relieve tension in the Country.  Sir,You might not be ready for this but most Nigerians wish you’re now truly our Commander in Chief . Pardon me ,this is the Nigerian system, you cease opportunity when it present it self…whether you like the motives behind it or not. And if you’re going to make me say it; 80% of the Nigerian people believes for once our presidency temporarily is in safe and sane hands. Perhaps you’re likeable, you’re smart and you are quick to your feet.    Some admirable virtues and course Nigerians have seen lately in your actions and words. I believe you as President can help retain that  perception. Also  regarding the tension between you and some northern Cabals concerning the Presidency if our London president eventually goes, is nothing but  an empty threat Nigerians would die for. Some weeks after President Buhari’s inauguration I barely  even remembered your name and so do most Nigerians , I didn’t know much about you and frankly what I did know didn’t impress me . But Sir, I don’t feel the same way anymore . All these major changes happening around you has been laudable ….The Naira/Dollar clash, the Niger delta issues, Northern youth threatening the Igbo’s to leave, Your special involvement with the Nigerian Army and most Importantly your view from the international community has been so interesting, I realize everyone is trying to find the right person but nobody is trying to be the right person. I truly believe you are the only chance this country has …Leaders are not born, they are made.

 We can all see you’re doing your best but what we need right now is your better best , not  for you and your circle alone but most importantly Generations unborn, So definitely ,You need to send messages of action to anyone who thinks  he’s a cabal in your administration  and thinks he can sometimes question the legitimacy of this presidency by altering due processes, thinking they are above the law, needs to be reminded they are not above the consequences of their actions.

Mr President, You have to realize and face the the  facts more than you ever wanted, that doing the right thing doesn’t always make you feel good. I know some Nigerians might think this is politically motivated or supported but if you read in between the lines carefully ,you would know it’s just my simple observations since  Our government officials most  especially presidential powers often fall into the hands of people with power without Ideas of what and how to run a government. I have always waited for the right person for that Job and for now undeniably I think it’s You because Today’s crises in the country is just tribally motivated, where we see the Igbo’s clamoring for Biafra, Bad governance and corrupt government officials but tomorrow it could be Gun Violence and control, it could be Terrorism at it’s peak or probably a climatic change resulting to environmental hazards such as flood; which is imminently on it’s speed. We need someone on that sit, someone we  can respect  and be hopeful for a turn around soon rather than a recumbent Gongooler  with perfidy disguised as Manifestoes ….I know most people don’t want to hear the truth because they probably don’t want their illusions about someone or something destroyed but we all need to realize which lie has been holding us hostage even before the truth comes to set us all free.

 We all know commander in chief is not just a title ,it’s an awful Responsibility , You were in no way prepared for it but you’ve taken it on so bravely I might add. Now you have to decide where your name stands in the history of good leadership when the dust settles. Mr President, I don’t wish you to be tagged  a puppet and a face to a drowning administration…Reminds me when I was still in the debate…..I learnt that discrediting the source of an advice or information is the oldest trick in a book called ‘bush league’ but it’s effective if done properly under 2 circumstances:

1.As the best Resort and

2.When you are confronted with a truth you can’t refuse 

You might not want  that Job,but we live in a time when we’re called upon to serve in ways we didn’t anticipate,No one is perfect….we do our best because this country is worthy of our best, we trust our instincts as we fight our daily fights ,Some we win, Some we won’t  and some we  will know in time.

 President Lincoln prophetically cautioned.”A house divided against itself can not stand” neither  do we expect ours to fall to their schemes of division ……A clear cut Example we see in   Nnamdi Kanu; The Biafran Agitator who seems clueless on how to liberate himself from consentious  Ignorance more so liberating the Igbo’s. For me, it’s way out of line to go around releasing hate  statements towards Those Igbo’s who go to a church pastored by a Yoruba cleric, Calling the Nigerian people and government  a  Zoo….That statement is an act of War, it’s pure madness……His schemes has all the markings of a potential fraud. He and everything he says should be disregarded. In times like this we should be united in pursuit of truth and reason or break apart because of our religious and tribal perspectives …I trust this nation to make the right choice.

Not  to bore you, I Think the current President is an independent that has a unique opportunity to effect positive political and socio-economical change that can help bridge the divide and together  has a nation, we can find a common ground that has been missing in the Nigerian Political Landscape for years . This is the only way we can honour our heroes past and all those nameless soldiers who lost their lives that we may not  live in fear but in peace and in freedom.

 We, The united citizens of this great nation are going to lighten the load for you and for the record, Nigerians consider your speeches to be very thoughtful but if actually  you want to represent the change we clamour for,don’t just tell us what you’re going to do ,show us…..So then, Lets begin with the situation of Stable electricity i.e Maximum power supply and those in the Eastern part of the Country  amidst many pressing issues such as Quality Education System, Job-Creation, Affordable Housing, High cost of living, Health Care, Balancing the Budget and debt reduction……Clearly we are lacking in so many aspect and we’ve got a lot of wrongs to right.

The Biafra Issue is something we have to address as soon as possible, It might not really be threatening for now, definitely not with that kind of leader  but soon enough, someone who’s much more diplomatic with enough intellectual sagacity would rise and lead them aright. Mr President, are the Igbo’s ever going to be president? While getting Justice done to that, You should be aware that our Unity is worth the Sacrifice. Peace is not the absence of tension but the presence of Justice. Just so we are clear, If we give the Igbo’s presidency…the Biafra tension settles  and at that point no one  would want to be left out in the cold. Mr. President, The whole world, including the Trump’s know that you’re a square dealer and now is the time to play that card. Sometimes you have to decide between a bad choice and no choice at all.

 You should get back to governing, Your predecessors were only reacting to issues they met, Issues like  fuel subsidy, terrorism and fighting corruption and clearly till date no lasting solution has been approved so far, so what have we been reacting toa? Please get back into leading with the responsibility to meet the needs of all Nigerians. You government should be a furnace rising from the ashes. I’m not trying to over simplify the incredible challenges you might face but if you begin, we would love you to move towards a true spirit of governance and liberty. I believe we owe it to our heroes who fought effortlessly to gain our Independence, to our Soldiers, uncompromised Journalists, Government officials and to so many nameless citizens who gave their lives to protect and to restore our democracy back to life. To my  fellow Nigerians, we would have to make an important decision that have had to be made in generations past, that we will be united in pursuit of truth and reason or  break apart because of conjecture and suspicion.

Mr Acting President, We need you to use every resources available,Do whatever you have to,but please bring peace, Justice, good governance and standard living back to the Nigerian people living below standards. Lets leave each night hopeful that today’s sacrifice has been worth it ,that our instincts have not led us astray and that our best has been good enough. I trust this nation … Nation to make the right choice. Thank you. Goodnight and God bless Nigeria.

Yours truly, 


Martins Ogundare is a 400 level student of Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti. He  is a political activist and enthusiast.

He takes sole responsibility for the content of this article.


The breeze of the current economic recession is an ill- wind that blows no good. Needless to say it has affected virtually all areas of human lives. Parents are withdrawing their wards from schools and enrolling them in those hitherto considered ‘mushroom’. Workers are getting retrenched on a daily basis and businesses are folding up. All predictions of relief has failed and Nigerians are getting to the bottom of the hope pool. 

Looking around, it would be safe to reach the conclusion that nothing works, well, except one business that seems to thrive and boom against all odds; the business of evangelism.

This biz needs no intensive capital, infact, it needs no capital at all. It is widely accepted by all ( except cynics of course), there is no need for an office, no need for substantial packaging. Yet, this business rakes in unbelievable amount of money. The icing on the cake is that it has religious backing and scriptural justification. 

Go ye into all the world.

Go ye Nigerians into Motor parks!

Enterprising men and women dust off their holy book(s) and go into market places and motor parks, their business? Gossiping the gospel. Working tirelessly at appealing to the pathos of the people. Sing, preach, pray for journey mercies, tie, bind, cease, cast out and prophesy, and when signs of soberness reflects, when your head you bow in contriteness, they go to the business of the day. ” If the Lord has laid it in your heart to help this ministry, no amount is too small,God is watching, He sees your love for him” A black nylon suddenly appears from nowhere as the ‘ people of God’ dip their hands into their pockets, not for the love of God, but because they have been emotionally blackmailed…”God is watching you, he knows you have five thousand in your bag, how much will you give Him?

A business woman asked me the same question while I ponder on her tactics. I gave her my kindest smile, the one that says ‘ hey, no judgements, I know things are hard’ and said..” I think He is more concerned about my heart than my pocket, I’ll rather give him praise” 

She moved away quickly, maybe I’m not good for business.

Religion is the opium of the people and Nigerians are very enterprising


 I’ve done a mental review of what constitutes embarrassing moments and my conclusion is that anything can be embarrassing, someone can just smile to you across the room and it embarrasses you, this is because it isn’t the occurrences that makes up for what will make you pray for a personal earthquake but the place and time in which they occur. 

I have experienced quite a handful of embarrassing moments, though I wasn’t the sufferer in all the cases but you understand when something happens to someone and you feel horrible for them? I know those are abelekunsunkun tendencies but if you don’t have it, let me break it to you, you are heartless. 

I just finished bathing yesterday and mommy wants me give someone some stuff, I checked my appearance in the window (yeah, window (hypocrites! don’t you all try to check your reflections on ridiculous items like phone screens and spoons? )). Anyway, it was one of my good days, you know there are certain days when you look exceptionally radiant and effortlessly beautiful (a little vanity is essential for a good self- esteem) I was more than willing to run errands even if the sun begrudges the world. 

I was minding my business as usual when I heard footsteps, mehhn, it was one tall, fine dude. The guy totally floored my idea that only hungry looking guys with blood shot eyes lived in our vicinity. Truth be told, if you see a man around here flexing muscles, you can be sure he ain’t hitting no gym, especially in a developing area like ours with lots of houses under construction (do you get?).   Well, I stopped my elephant walk and tried to do something closer to a more compact animal, I’m sure I would have made some success because I was already feeling myself, and thought I could feel the sway of my hips. I was smiling to myself, enjoying the moment and totally lost in my reverie when a long brown snake curled round my left leg and held on for dear life.  I yelled! You might not understand if you don’t know me, so I’ll take the liberty to explain. My voice isn’t the regular sing song, high tune soprano you’ll stereotypically assume of a woman. My voice is far from melodious, it is deep and hoarse and if you call me in the morning, especially in the wee hours, well, the Lord is your strength.  

So I yelled and the sound that came out wasn’t ouch! and if you are expecting yeeehh!, then you don’t really get it, what came out of my glossy lips should not be classified under theword sound…unarrrhhhiiaannhhhgrrh (try pronouncing that).

I was airborne by this time, okay, I was jumping but my feet never seem to touch the ground before it was up again.  The money in my hand was long gone, and everywhere was vibrating (I’ve got strong vocal cords you see?)  Amidst this state of sub-lunacy, something told me I wasn’t feeling any pain, its either I’d jerked the snake off (hahahahahahah, what did I just say?) or…I stopped and looked down, wrapped around my leg was the stem of a plant, maybe. 

I went blank for a split second before I was baptized with shame, especially when I realized the dude was standing behind me with a… wait a minute (is that a grin?). Well, well, I pulled my skirt down, and went in search of my money, all the time wondering why I would think that guy looks good. That is probably the ugliest male alive and he couldn’t even say sorry (not that he was responsible for my misfortune).  Maybe he doesn’t speak English, maybe he can’t! Well, right now, he has to be bad.  Above everything else, I’ll like to say the Lord is gracious, I coulda died of shame, but hey, I SURVIVED

*abelekunsunkun- one who wails for another man’s misfortune.